This is a list of things never to say to a programmer. Note this is taken from Quora. I just found it interesting and decided that i should with you. the full question can be found here

#1 – “Your code sucks!”

We know that already. Tell us which lines, so we can go and fix it.

#2 – “Is it possible to add this feature?”

The answer is always “yes” because it is technically possible to add any feature. The more practical question would be “Is it possible to integrate this feature without hurting the performance, while keeping the app stable and in a reasonable amount of time?”

#3 – “It is not working”

Very similar to #1. Try to be as clear as possible.

#4 – “Can I also learn programming?”

The answer is always “yes”, as long as you have a computer and an internet connection. The more practical question would be “How/Where should I start learning?”

#5 – “Why aren’t you writing code?”

If we are not writing code, it doesn’t mean we are not working. We are probably trying to figure out the best way to implement some functionality. In fact, sometimes all I do at work is to delete code.

Once you understand programmers, they are actually nice, interesting, and cool. Okay, let’s be honest. Once you understand programmers, you become one.

Cheers!!! ??

Post credit to: Oscar Olotu