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Client: Harvest Shamba Fresh

Category: Website design and development

Services: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Boostrap framework, PHP, ExpressionEngine CMS, Graphics design

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Project overview

Harvest Shamba Fresh is one of the Best Hydroponic farmers in Tanzania. Harvest Shamba Fresh grows soft and iceberg lettuce, herbs, vegetables, spices and fruits without using soil. Our task here was to develop the website that portfolio their services and products to the market

Harvest Shamba Fresh

Harvest Shamba Fresh

Website preview

A PHP dynamic website with Custom content management system (CMS), HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap. With backend system that giving the Harvest Shamba Fresh easy way to portfolio their services and products

The project time frame took 2 weeks of development and design, photoshoot for client product and staff members (outdoor photoshoot) to accomplish this work. Thanks for the team who worked hard and timely to get this job done.

Harvest Shamba Fresh

Design patterns

The client request was to have just simple agrobusiness website just to display what they are exactly doing in their field. What challenged us much was how to get the required and original content like images. Our partner (MAI consultancy) took incharge to write contents and to get images to make this job done timely.

Color palette





Primary fonts - Open sans, Source Sans Pro

Harvest Shamba Fresh

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